2 plus

Happy two years sweet pea!
I can honestly say that I've married the man of my dreams! He's absolutely fabulous in almost every way possibly. I can say that he doesn't leave the toilet seat up (thanks to Bee) I would have never guessed that having a kiddo would break his toilet seat habit. HA! Sometimes I wish he would, just so I could nag him so he would make fun of me. Him mocking me is one of my favorite things about him. That, and how great of a daddy he is with our little guy! I can't wait for the many years we have to spend together!

On another note...

I'm so exhausted, and tomorrow is Monday! ughh I hate Mondays! The only good thing about them is that Shane is off the next day. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow for a checkup on Bees head at 1:45. Hopefully all goes well!